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[audio]BV Podcast 0173 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
This is our 173rd podcast, and our second show in 23 months. It is the 2nd part of the material we recorded for Kirsten's Poddy Talk Podcast, back in 2006. Enjoy! * Libertarian perspectives and why Rich hates them * Tune 1:The Brain Doesn't Seem To Be A Logic Circuit, by OneManBand SharpAttack * Just where DOES BloodyVeg find its music? * Tune 2:Rigsby Reloaded, by AlienSporeBomb * Rich gets the Poddy Talk Colostomy Gift Bag * Vin: 2000 Tapestry Shiraz, Fat Bastard Shiraz
Keywords: Libertarian; OneManBand; SharpAttack; Music; Rigsby Reloaded; AlienSporeBomb; Poddy Talk; Colostomy; Gift Bag; Wine; Tapestry; Fat Bastard; Shiraz
Downloads: 798
[audio]BV Podcast 0218 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Welcome to show number 218. If this show were five dentists, at least four of them would approve of it. * Greetings! * Where in gods name have we been??! * Rich mixed a Rock Opera * Paul has been job hunting, and eating pie * Tune 1: Egg by Jenny Katz * The Boston Marathon bombings * See you next time!
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 218; dentists; Greetings; gods; Rock Opera; job; job hunting; pie; unemployment; Egg; Jenny Katz; Boston Marathon; bombings; terrorism
Downloads: 739
[audio]BV More Good News/Bad News - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Yes, the bad news is that because of a nasty flu bug, John and I were not able to get together to record this weekend. Remember the Kraken that was sitting on John's chest while we taped our last show? Well a pretty similar looking Kraken (they may have been related) decided to start sitting on my chest, on Monday. By Tuesday I was delirious. Now it's just a really nasty cold, but bad enough to keep us from recording...
Keywords: Flu; Kraken; John; Salmon Speedo; Salmon; Speedo
Downloads: 670
[audio]BV Podcast 0171 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
For our 171st offering we give you a re-release of our first show ever, originally released in 2005. We were not able to do a show for this, the week of our 4th anniversary, so we re-encoded and re-released this show as a place-holder. We will record a proper 4th anniversary show, soon. Originally released 6/13/2005. Enjoy: Yes, it's official. We've recorded, edited and (now) posted our first show (#0.1)! Highlights include.....
Keywords: Re-Release; 4th Anniversary; Forth Anniversary; Streams of consciousness; Portuguese; Explorers; Chefs; Gluten Free; Celiac; Celiac Disease; Ethic food; jokes
Downloads: 653
[audio]BV Podcast 0143 (Sort Of) - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Hi folks, this is just a quick little audio status update to let you know what's going on with Bloodthirsty Vegetarians. We look forward to seeing you soon. Rich...
Keywords: Status Update; BloodyVeg; Bloodthirsty Vegetarians
Downloads: 643
[audio]BV Podcast 0170 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
We are gathered here today for the one hundred seventieth time for: * More pedophilia? Or not. * Tune 1: Blessing of the Kindling by Katy Wehr * Indian Gift Giving * Tune 2: Good Stuff by Sunna Gunnlaugs
Keywords: Blessing of the Kindling; Katy Wehr; Indian Gift Giving; Indian Giving; Good Stuff; Sunna Gunnlaugs
Downloads: 426
[audio]BV Podcast 0169 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Dude, this is show 169! * Get your pedophile beard today * Vin: 2007 Santa Julia Organica Cabernet Sauvignon * Tune 1: Freedom's Song by Gale Mead * On Film: Star Trek * Tune 2: Same Old Same Old by Big Green
Keywords: Beards; Santa Julia Winery; Cabernet Sauvignon; Organic; Freedom's Song; Gale Mead; Star Trek; J.J. Abrams; Same Old Same Old; Big Green
Downloads: 425
[audio]BV Podcast 0.1 Beta - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Yes, it's official. We've recorded, edited and (now) posted our first show (#0.1)! Highlights include... * Streams of consciousness * Portuguese explorers and chefs * The evils of gluten * Ethic food, jokes
Keywords: Streams of consciousness; Portuguese; Explorers; Chefs; Gluten Free; Celiac; Celiac Disease; Ethic food; jokes
Downloads: 410
[audio]BV Podcast 0001 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Our first official show is in the can. Here are some highlights: * Thank you! - We've broken 100 * Listener mail - blame Canada * Dr. Spock, Olympic baby-tosser * Romantic Study by Francisco Tarrega as performed by: Miguel Pico * Phishing attempt from Microsoft * In vino veritas: 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve - Robert Mondavi * VIB
Keywords: Dr. Spock; Romantic Study; Francisco Tarrega; Miguel Pico; Phishing; Microsoft; Cabernet Sauvignon; Robert Mondavi; VIB
Downloads: 389
[audio]BV Podcast 0213 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
We're back with show number 213... which was also my homeroom number in Junior High. * We're back! * Paul has been sick * Lance Armstrong admits to doping * Tune 1: Aurora Borealis by Marian Call * Homework is due. Is The Big Bang Theory offensive to Geeks? * Tune 2: Glasses by Jonathan Coulton * Did Glee steal Jonathan Coulton's arrangement and tracks? * Stay warm!
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 213; sick; flu; Lance Armstrong; Oprah Winfrey; OWN; doping; EPO; Aurora Borealis; Marian Call; Homework; Big Bang Theory; offensive; Geeks; nerd; Glasses; Jonathan Coulton; Glee; steal; theft; arrangement
Downloads: 387
[audio]BV Podcast 0080 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Show 80 implies: * Leo Lincourt from Neural Gourmet joins us again * Tune 1: Villa Lobos Prelude 2 by William Gangel * The race for the Race - are Hilary or Obama electable? * Tune 2: Blood is Red by Molly Pauken * On Film: Sherry Baby
Keywords: Leo Lincourt; Neural Gourmet; Villa Lobos Prelude 2; William Gangel; Hilary Clinton; Barack Obama; Blood Is Red; Molly Pauken; Sherry Baby
Downloads: 378
[audio]BV Podcast 0176 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Welcome back to our 176th podcast, live from the Republican National Convention... or not. * Welcome! * More Curling talk * Pebbling the ice * How are Curling stones made? * The Trayvon Martin killing * Tune 1: Night Fishing by Simon Fox * Voter registration laws * Tune 2: A Conversation by Billy and the Psychotics * Leave us some feedback!
Keywords: Curling; Pebbling; Ice; Curling stones; Trayvon Martin; Night Fishing; Simon Fox; Voter registration; Democracy; law; A Conversation; Billy and the Psychotics
Downloads: 377
[audio]BV Podcast 0123 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
ABC...easy as 123: * Did you get your taxes done? * Vin Beer: Green's Endeavour Dubbel Dark * Tune 1: Gluten-Free Blues by Kyle Dine * Homework is Due: No Country for Old Men * Tune 2:Tokyo Dream by Allan Holdsworth * On Film: I'm Not There
Keywords: Tax Season; Beer; Gluten Free; Green's Endeavor Dubbel Dark; Gluten Free Blues; Kyle Dine; No Country for Old Men; Tokyo Dream; Allan Holdsworth; I'm Not There
Downloads: 376
[audio]BV Podcast 0005 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Free form spoken word, including: * Quotes a plenty o Frank Zappa's Warning Label o Ben Franklin on the Patriot Act * Yes, we're vegetarians * Sunny Day from Ponder, Banks & Shaw o featuring Jeff Coffin of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones * News * Film of the Week - Mad Hot Ballroom * Zen and the Art of Wine Pronunciation * Let's build a community - send a photo
Keywords: Frank Zappa; Ben Franklin; Patriot Act; Vegetarian; Ponder Banks and Shaw; Sunny Day; Jeff Coffin; Mad Hot Ballroom; Wine Pronunciation
Downloads: 375
[audio]BV Podcast 0013 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Lucky Show #13, featuring: * Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared Diamond * Tunes: Orange Crush by Todd Madson. Here's his other site * Dangerous words - how free is speech? o Bill Bennett on abortion o Ward Churchill on 9/11 * Tunes: Villains by Mad Caddies o Correction: called "Just One More" in the show, which is actually the album title. * Film: Mysterious Skin
Keywords: Jared Diamond; Society; Collapse; Orange Crush; Todd Madson; Free Speech; Bill Bennett; Abortion; Ward Churchill; 9/11; Villains; Mad Caddies; Mysterious Skin
Downloads: 372
[audio]BV Podcast 0168 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
This is WVIB 168, all talk, all the time: * Birds and the bees...and twin bathtubs on the beach * Tune 1: The Way I Feel by the Cantonement Jazz Band * Humour. I was ONLY KIDDING! * Tune 2: Beethoven's Sonata No.1 in F Minor Op. 2 No.1-4 Prestissimo performed by Daniel Veesey
Keywords: Birds; Bees; Bathtubs; The Way I Feel; The Cantonement Jazz Band; Humour; Humor; I Was Only Kidding; Beethoven's Sonata No.1 in F Minor Op. 2 No.1-4 Prestissimo; by Daniel Veesey
Downloads: 371
[audio]BV Podcast 0165 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
This week, on a very special episode 165 of Bloodthirsty Vegetarians, Arnold learns that it is no longer safe to accept Bacon from strangers, and... * The lovely and talented Fran Wagner * Vin: 2007 Rosemount Shiraz * Tune 1: Ballad of a Gink by The Moonlighters * RAZZLEDAZZLE Costume Construction Company * Tune 2: The Tiling Song by Curios
Keywords: Fran Wagner; RAZZLEDAZZLE Costume Company; Ballad of a Gink; The Moonlighters; The Tiling Song; Curios
Downloads: 361
[audio]BV Podcast 0052 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Wow, show number 52! * World Cup and Tour de France update o Azzurri win it in penalty kicks! * Vin: 2004 2 Brothers Big Tattoo Red * Tune 1(and only 1): Gaza Strip Mall by the Amanda Monaco 4 * Gong Show o Fun with the Podsafe Music Network * On Film: CSA: The Confederate States of America
Keywords: World Cup; Tour de France; Two Brothers Winery; Gaza Strip Mall; Amanda Monaco 4; Gong Show; Podsafe Music Network; CSA: The Confederate States Of America
Downloads: 359
[audio]BV Podcast 0167 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
The following show is effective at 167 parts per million: * News recap * Vin: 2007 Cycles Gladiator Cabernet Sauvignon * Tune 1: Only Nine by Seeking Through Silence * Films! o Gomorra o Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired o The Class o Who Killed the Electric Car? * Tune 2: September by Digger
Keywords: News; Cycles Gladiator; Cabernet Sauvignon; Only Nine; Seeking Through Silence; Gomorra; Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired; The Class; Who Killed the Electric Car; September; Digger
Downloads: 359
[audio]BV Podcast 0075 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
On show 75 we have Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and more: * Buy a Festivus Pole and Festivus Wine * Our favorite Christmas Songs. John likes Little Drummer Boy, and I like The Xmas Song * Listen to our exclusive interview with Fezziwig * Tune 1: A Month Of Rain by Simon Fox * We got Curried! * Xmas stuff, and John is back at the Stained Glass thing * More Gluten Free Pierogi stories * Tune 2: Baby's First Christmas by Maria De Angelis * Our favorite Xmas shows...
Keywords: Holidays; Chestnuts; Festivus; Favorite Christmas Songs; Fezziwig; A Month of Rain; Simon Fox; Curry; Stained Glass; Gluten Free; Celiac; Celiac Disease; Pierogi; Baby's First Christmas; Maria De Angelis; Favorite Christmas Shows; Rudolph; Happy Days; The Fonz
Downloads: 356
[audio]BV Podcast 0214 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
On this, our 214th episode, we offer this bounty: * Hello! * My bank was robbed! * Paul has been reading authors Kat Richardson and Kage Baker * Paul demos his "Self-Programmable Ingredient Catalog, Yummy!" AI Search Engine. "SPICY!" for short * Tune 1: Serenade by Franz Schubert as transcribed and performed by Miguel Pico * Listener feedback from Dan on the whole Big Bang Theory thing * Tune 2: Boom Goes the Dynamite by Jenny Katz * The 'Boom Goes the Dynamite' meme we mentioned * In Memory of ...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 214; Adirondack Bank; robbed; Kat Richardson; Kage Baker; Self-Programmable Ingredient Catalog Yummy; AI; Search Engine; SPICY; Serenade; Franz Schubert; transcribed; Miguel Pico; feedback; Dan; Big Bang Theory; geek; nerd; Boom Goes the Dynamite; Jenny Katz; Sports; meme; RIP; In Memory; Dr. Francis Talarico
Downloads: 354
[audio]BV Podcast 0078 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Show 78 includes: * Karma Chameleon * Tune 1: Bagel on the Malecon by Lev Zhurbin * Vin: 2003 Hugo McLaren Vale Shiraz * An Inconvenient Truth gets banned * Tune 2: Strange Day in Mexico by the Clintons * On Film: The Queen
Keywords: Karma Chameleon; Bagel on the Malecon; Lev Zhurbin; Hugo McClaren Winery; Shiraz; An Inconvenient Truth; Strange Day in Mexico; The Clintons; The Queen
Downloads: 352
[audio]BV Podcast 0060 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Show number 60 includes: * The Superhero finale! * Our takes on Star Trek (Enhanced) * Vin: More screwcap madness - 2002 Two Tone Farm Cabernet * Tune 1: Waltzing Matilda by Emmett Chapman * Homework: The World's Fastest Indian * Tune 2: Along the Way by Axis Y * On Film: The Great New Wonderful
Keywords: Who Wants to be a Superhero; Finale; Star Trek; Enhanced; Two Tone Farm Winery; Cabernet Sauvignon; Waltzing Matilda; Emmett Chapman; The World's Fastest Indian; Along the Way; Axis Y; The Great New Wonderful
Downloads: 352
[audio]BV Podcast 0192 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends... err... well, maybe not, but we can offer show number 192. * Hello! * Great Britain wants to take Julian Assange by force from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London after being granted political asylum * Aaaaaaaand we have some more shootings * Aaaaaaaand Dave Mustaine is still an idiot * Our third Olympic Update * Special thanks to Kate Madson for lending us her voice acting talents! * Tune 1: Buy Me by Modest Midget * Is social media real, or do...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; podcast; 192; Julian Assange; illegal; extradition; Ecuador; Embassy; political; asylum; International law; shootings; Texas A&M; Sikh Temple; Chick-Fil-A; Dave Mustaine; Idiot; Olympic; Update; Buy Me; Modest Midget; social media; illusion; connected; anti-social; Jorge Knows; Howard Caine; Major Hochstetter; banjo
Downloads: 350
[audio]BV Podcast 0050 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Wow, the big Five-o: * US World Cup woes - three and out * Japanese culture, and my new chop-sticks * Tune 1: Out of Control by Paul Angerosa * Vin: 2003 Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon * Soccer as a metaphor for US culture, and the American Way * Andrei Codrescu * Tune 2: High as You Can Be by Asylum Street Spankers * On Film: Sophie Scholl - Die letzten Tage
Keywords: World Cup; US; United States; Japanese Culture; Chop Sticks; Out Of Control; Paul Angerosa; Liberty School Winery; Cabernet Sauvignon; Soccer; Football; Culture; Andrei Codrescu; High as You Can Be; Asylum Street Spankers; Sophie Scholl; Sophie Scholl Die Letzten Tage
Downloads: 350
[audio]BV Podcast 0002 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Here are some highlights: * Listener mail - veggies without borders * iTunes 4.9 gives us a bit of a ratings boost * podsafe music from Thursday Group * Tour de France Update (yellow jersey) * In vino veritas: 2003 "Yellow Cab" - Glenora Wine Cellars * Travels with Rich * Where've I heard that tune before...? * Hey, look, there's a Donate button over there...
Keywords: Feedback; Thursday Group; Tour de France; Glenora Wine Cellars; Cabernet Sauvignon
Downloads: 349
[audio]BV Podcast 0084 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
The dreaded show 84 is tinged with: * Intro: Smoking and Fund-Raising, Do We Fear Death, and Kris Where Art Thou * Tune 1: PercusienFa by Erik Mongrain * Plagiarism and Intellectual Property o The Ecstasy of Influence by Jonathan Lethem o Rhythm Science by Paul D. Miller (aka Dj Spooky) * Tune 2: Picture Of A Purple Sky by Steve Booke * On Film: Volver o Kolya
Keywords: Smoking; Fund Raising; OercudienFa; Erik Mongrain; Plagiarism; Intellectual Property; IP; The Ecstasy of Influence; Jonathan Lethem; Rhythm Science; Paul D. Miller; DJ Spooky; Picture of a Purple Sky; Steve Booke; Volver; Kolya
Downloads: 347
[audio]BV Podcast 0164 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Welcome to the One Six Four: * Tune 1: Little Sharks and Baby Dolphins by Curios (video) * The continuing saga of copyright nonsense and cable provider shenanigans o French Government votes down stoopid law o Should Obama control the internet? o TWC metered billing experiments o Rochester, NY fights back * Tune 2: Shudder by Only in the Mornings * On Film: Revolutionary Road
Keywords: Little Sharks and Baby Dolphins; Curios; Copyright; Nonsense; Copyright Nonsense; French Government; Barack Obama; Internet; TWC; Rochester; NY; Shudder; Only in the Mornings; Revolutionary Road
Downloads: 346
[audio]BV Podcast 0072 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Show 72 contains: * SPAM!!!! ARRHHHHGGGGHH!!! * Tune 1: Storytellers by Minus Vince * A virtual plethora of films: o Broken Flowers o A Prairie Home Companion o Million Dollar Baby o Happy Feet * Tune 2: Whatever by The Asylum Street Spankers * On Film: Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles
Keywords: Spam; Storytellers; Minus Vince; Broken Flowers; A Prairie Home Companion; Million Dollar Baby; Happy Feet; Whatever; Asylum Street Spankers; Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles
Downloads: 346
[audio]BV Podcast 0038
Bloodthirsty Vegetarians celebrate their 13th show without having mentioned vegetarianism, with: * Several more generous portions of praise for the Lascivious Biddies o Support Team Biddy and the fight against MS * Tune 1: William Gangel playing Gavottes 1 & 2 en rondo from J.S. Bach's 3rd Lute Suite, BWV-995 * The State of Debate - why it's OK to disagree * Tune 2: Miguel Pico playing Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel * On Media: o Firefly makes a resurgence o Capote
Keywords: The Lascivious Biddies; MS; William Gangel; Gavotte; Bach 3rd Lute Suite; BWV-995; Debate; Miguel Pico; Canon in D; Johann Pachelbel; Firefly; Capote
Downloads: 346
[audio]BV Podcast 0163 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
The one to the six to the three contains: * Welcome to the show Joe Perry of Big Green * We have Voice-Mail! 206-376-1907 * Shout out to Grizzly! * Tune 1: Welcome To It by Big Green * Vin: 2005 House Wine Blend * Legalize It? Hell, we NEED it! o The hypocrisy and inherent danger of using "sin" taxes to pay for programs * Tune 2: Into the Mystic by Gale Mead
Keywords: Joe Perry; Big Green; Voice Mail; Grizzly; Welcome To It; House Wine Winery; Blend; Legalize It; Sin Taxes; Into the Mystic; Gale Mead
Downloads: 344
[audio]BV Podcast 0166 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
To commemorate the 166th meeting of BV we discuss: * News and Notes * Feedback from Grizzly * Tune 1: I Lifted Her Dress Over Her Head and Unscrewed Her Leg by Anterrabae * Obama administration cozies up to the wrong people and repeats Bush mistakes o Obama adds FIFTH RIAA Lawyer to Justice Department o Warrantless Wiretapping o Joe Biden strokes the MPAA * Susan Boyle, SUPERSTAR! * Tune 2: Lucky Dime by Gale Mead
Keywords: News; Notes; Feedback; Grizzly; Grizzly's Growls; I Lifted Her Dress Over Her Head and Unscrewed Her Leg; Anterrabae; Barack Obama; Obama Administration; Bush; RIAA; Lawyer; Warrantless; Wiretapping; Joe Biden; MPAA; Susan Boyle; Superstar; Lucky Dime; Gale Mead
Downloads: 344
[audio]BV Podcast 0095 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Ah ah ah ah stayin' alive, stayin' alive Ah ah ah ah show 95, show 95: * Steely Dan is not a sandwich * Vin: 2005 MacMurray Ranch Pinot Noir (CA) * Tune 1: Baby Hold On by Mark Werchowski * Children of Men * Tune 2: Ori's Fearful Symmetry by Lev Zhurbin * On Film: The Wind That Shakes the Barley
Keywords: Steely Dan; MacMurray Ranch; Pinot Noir; Baby Hold On; Mark Werchowski; Children of Men; Ori's Fearful Symmetry; Lev Zhurbin; The Wind That Shakes the Barley
Downloads: 344
[audio]BV Podcast 0053 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Show 53 may be the last one we do as free men: * Tour de France update * World Cup silliness * The Beer Swill 500 gets a Colombian driver next year * Vin: 2003 Ravenswood Vintners Blend Shiraz * Tune 1: Blind Faith by Paul Angerosa * Should we go to jail? * Tune 2: The Devil's Funk by Red Herring * On Film: The Notorious Bettie Page
Keywords: Tour de France; World Cup; NASCAR; Colombia; Ravenswood Winery; Shiraz; Blind Faith; Paul Angerosa; Jail; The Devil's Funk; Red Herring; The Notorious Bettie Page; Bettie Paige
Downloads: 342
[audio]BV Podcast 0058 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
58 bottles of beer on the wall... * Superhero update * Tune 1: Remember by After Them * Meme Time: Memories 1. What is the earliest memory you have as a child? Think far back. 2. What is a special memory you have about someone? It could be a grandparent, family friend - not including your parents - that you knew as a child. 3. What was a favorite game you played as a child? 4. What was a memorable trip that you can recall being a little kid and what did you do that makes you think about it even ...
Keywords: Who Wants to be a Superhero; Update; Remember; After Them; Meme; Memories; Rodney Strong Winery; Cabernet Sauvignon; My Favorite Record; Asylum Street Spankers; A Prairie Home Companion
Downloads: 342
[audio]BV Podcast 0004 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
We're at it again with: * Vile, flying, stinging packages of evil * Lance x 7 = history * Dutch Funk from Dr. Flexatone * Vin: 2003 Pinot Noir - Glenora Wine Cellars * Rich on Film: Brothers * News o Freedom of Speech for Essex, NY o Man killed in London Underground for being rowdy o Microwave death beam...er...less-than-lethal crowd control o NASA keeps its budget
Keywords: Wasps; Lance Armstrong; Dr. Flexatone; Glenora Wine Cellars; Pinot Noir; Brothers; Free Speech; Microwaves, NASA; London
Downloads: 342
[audio]BV Podcast 0157 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Heinz we're not, but 157 shows we got: * Obama image problems o Cartoonists gone amok o Copyright madness * Tune 1: The Things You See (When You Haven't Got Your Gun) by Allan Holdsworth * An Unreasonable Man * Tune 2: Burlington by Simon Fox
Keywords: Barack Obama; Image; Cartoons; Copyrights; The Things You See (When You Haven't Got Your Gun); Allan Holdsworth; An Unreasonable Man; Burlington; Simon Fox
Downloads: 341
[audio]BV Podcast 0161 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Stay tuned to 161 on your iPod dial and hear: * News and views * Vin: 2006 Red Knot Shiraz o utilizing the Zork stopper * Tune 1: Go Lightly by Amanda Monaco 4 * Top 5 Technological Discoveries, Inventions or Advances * Tune 2: Puzzles by The Unknown
Keywords: News; Views; Red Knot Winery; Shiraz; Zork; Go Lightly; Amanda Monaco 4; Technology; Discoveries; Inventions; Advances; Puzzles; The Unknown
Downloads: 339
[audio]BV Podcast 0162 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Once...Twice...162 times a podcast: * Copyright law update o NZ Copyright Law dies a natural death (and there was much rejoicing) o Great piece on fair use by Shepard Fairey * Vin: 2007 Penfolds Rawson's Retreat Cabernet Sauvignon * Tune 1: Speedy Green by Amanda Monaco 4 * Tech Talk - tiny little computing devices * When Laws Go Bad o Rockefeller drug laws on the way out (yay) o Black cars to be outlawed in CA (boo) * Tune 2: Twin Demon by Twins Crew * On Film: The Reader
Keywords: Copyright Law; New Zealand; Fair Use; Shepard Fairey; Penfolds Winery; Cabernet Sauvignon; Speedy Green; Amanda Monaco 4; Tech Talk; Tiny; Computing; Devices; Law; Bad Law; Rockefeller; Black Cars; California; Twin Demon; Twins Crew; The Reader
Downloads: 338
[audio]BV Podcast 0158 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Our latest show is enhanced with 158 ingredients and: * Vin: 2006 Chateau St. Jean Cabernet Sauvignon * Tune 1: Berserker by No Original Members (formerly Black Sun) * Peeves Continued - arguing minutiae * Tune 2: A Child Shall Lead the Way by Brother Joscephus and The Love Revival Revolution Orchestra * On Film: Rachael Getting Married
Keywords: Chateau St. John; Cabernet Sauvignon; Berserker; No Orignal Members; Black Sun; Peeves; A Child Shall Lead the Way; Brother Joscephus and The Love Revival Revolution; Rachael Getting Married
Downloads: 337
[audio]BV Podcast 0003 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
We're back at it. Our latest installment includes... * As always, thanks to our great audience! * Le Tour de France (did we pronounce it correctly?) * Grooves by Andy Woodson * Feel the love for Amy's and other packaged vegetarian goods * Vin: 2003 Biltmore Estate Chateau Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon * We hate cyberhate, but is it a crime?? o Information Week article o American Bar Association take on the issue
Keywords: Tour de France; Andy Woodson; Amy's Organic; Biltmore Estate; Cabernet Sauvignon; Cyber Hate
Downloads: 337
[audio]BV Podcast 0137 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
There are at least 137 reasons to listen to the show, including: * DRM, the Broadcast Flag, and Microsoft * Who owns what? Prince takes down Radiohead...who wants to keep it up... * Dean Kamen and the electric arm * Vin: 2006 Punto Final Malbec * Tune 1: Panic Station by Allan Holdsworth * Some of our favorite Movie Lines * Sylvester Schwarzenegger * Tune 2: Pakalolo Baby by Asylum Street Spankers * On Film: The Counterfeiters
Keywords: DRM; Broadcast Flag; Microsoft; Prince; Radiohead; Dean Kamen; Electric Arm; Punto Final Winery; Malbec; Panic Station; Allan Holdsworth; Movie Lines; Dialog; Sylvester Schwartzenegger; Pakalolo Baby; Asylum Street Spankers; The Counterfeiters
Downloads: 336
[audio]BV Podcast 0098 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
We're coming up on 100, but for now, enjoy 98: * Pacman takes a bite * AFI top 100 (or so) * Sosa hits 600 and.....zzzzzzz.... * Vin: 2004 Montes Cabernet Carmenere * Tune 1: Metal Fatigue by Allan Holdsworth * Heavy Metal is a disability in Sweden * New CAFE standards reach for a WHOPPING 35 mpg! * On Film: Color me Kubrick * Tune 2: Differin by The Factoids * On More Film: The Namesake
Keywords: Pacman; AFI Top 100; Sammy Sosa; Montes Winery; Cabernet Carmenere; Metal Fatigue; Allan Holdsworth; Heavy Metal; Disability; Sweden; CAFE; CAFE Standards; MPG. Color Me Kubrick; Differin; The Factoids; The Namesake
Downloads: 336
[audio]BV Podcast 0014 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
WE'RE BACK with more: * Listener Feedback * Vin: Rosemount Shiraz - Rosemount Estate * What is "Rationality"? o On Carl Sagan (Oops! Carl Sagan taught at Cornell, not at Colgate as said in the show) * In your face Guitar Rock: Indio by Numira * Our Top Five favorite songs * More music: Busy Intersection by Hans Storsberg * 13 second film reviews: Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Sin City
Keywords: Feedback; Rosemount; Shiraz; Rationality; Carl Sagan; Cornell; Indio; Numira; Top Five Favorite Songs; Busy Intersection; Hans Storsberg; Wallace and Gromit; The Curse of the Were Rabbit; Sin City
Downloads: 335
[audio]BV Podcast 0056 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Something's rotten in Denver: * Le Tour that never ends - Floyd Landis' trevails * Tune 1: Lover's Leap by Bela Fleck and the Flecktones * Wikipedia is the real Hitchhiker's Guide * Homework: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang * Tune 2: Coma Girl by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros * On Film: An Inconvenient Truth
Keywords: Tour de France; Floyd Landis; Doping; Steroids; Lovers Leap; Bela Fleck and the Flecktones; Wikipedia; The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang; Coma Girl; Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros; An Inconvenient Truth
Downloads: 334
[audio]BV Podcast 0133 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
We explore our manliness in show 133: * Introductory nonsense and babbling * Tune 1: It's Over by The Fire Apes * A Pain In My Gas Tank, or Does This Car Make Me Look Small? * Tune 2: Calvin by The Wrong Trousers * On Film: 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days
Keywords: Nonsense; Babbling; It's Over; The Fire Apes; Small Cars; Fuel Economy; Calvin; The Wrong Trousers; 4 Months 3 Weeks 2 Days
Downloads: 334
[audio]BV Podcast 0090 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Welcome to Show 90: * The Kraken is on the run * Johusa Bell ignored * Vin: 2004 The Wishing Tree Shiraz * Tune 1: Hard to Come By by Cheryl B. Englehardt * Bond...James Bond * Free Running * Spam Beat Poetry * Tune 2: Girls Do It Better by Sumo Sisters * On Film: God Grew Tired of Us * The Lost Boys of Sudan
Keywords: Kraken; Joshua Bell; Wishing Tree Winery; Shiraz; Hard to Come By; Cheryl B. Englehardt; James Bond; Free Running; Parkour; Spam; Spam Beat Poetry; Poetry; Girls Do it Better; Sumo Sisters; God Grew Tired of Us; The Lost Boys of Sudan
Downloads: 334
[audio]BV Podcast 0155 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
We're proud to present our 155th attempt at greatness by discussing: * Welcome aboard Ray Bach * Tune 1: Sidewinder by Bankrupt * Vin: 2006 Rutini Trumpeter Malbec Mendoza * FRBSportswear.com * Tune 2: Irish Scottish Folk Song by Marc Gunn * On Film: Metallica:Some Kind of Monster
Keywords: Ray Bach; FRB Sportwear; Sidewinder; Bankrupt; Rutini Winery; Malbec; Irish Scottish Folk Song; Marc Gunn; Metallica: Some Kind of Monster
Downloads: 334
[audio]BV Podcast 0085 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Show 85 is practically bursting with: * Borat, I don't want to pull plow * John is the official spokesmodel for the Catholic Church...NOT! * Tune 1: Garmoshka by Lev Zhurbin * Freedom of the Press o Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room o Good Night, and Good Luck o Walter Reed Army Hospital o Ann Coulter - still a hag * Tune 2: Loose Ends by Beeblebrox * On Film: The Painted Veil
Keywords: Borat; Catholic Church; Garmoshka; Lev Zhurbin; Freedom of the Press; Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room; Good Night and Good Luck; Walter Reed Army Hospital; Ann Coulter; Loose Ends; Beeblebrox; The Painted Veil
Downloads: 334
[audio]BV Podcast 0055 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
We don't need another hero... * Floyd Landis pees in a cup. Cup runneth over. News at 11. * Tune 1: Vivaldi by Trespass * Heroes o What are they and where have they gone? o Who Wants to be a Superhero? o also: the upcoming Heroes on NBC * Tune 2: The Minor Waltz by the Asylum Street Spankers * On Film: Sketches of Frank Gehry o also: My Architect o also also: Frank Lloyd Wright
Keywords: Floyd Landis; Doping; Steroids; Vivaldi; Trespass; Heroes; Who Wants To Be a Superhero; The Minor Waltz; Asylum Street Spankers; Sketches of Frank Gehry; My Architect; Frank Lloyd Wright
Downloads: 333
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